10 Incredible Still Life Photographers & Stylists to Lift your Mockup Game

The world of mockups is jam packed full of uninspiring fake looking mockups. When building House of Mockups we looked to get inspired by the hottest still life photographers and stylists to lift our mockup game. 

1. Sergiew Photography


Antosh Sergiew is a London based still life photographer who often works still life stylist Sophie Surridge. Their work is sharp and stylish, but often combined with a playful humor.  We especially love the "Dating" series, with a wave table top representing the awkwardness of first dates. 

2. Howdy Design Family

House of Mockups is loving the playful art direction and styling that Greek Studio Howdy Design Studio has done for Wild Souls. The combination of terrazzo tile with coloured background, and dripping nut butter has us lusting for more. 

3. Joe Saraceno

Toronto based photographer, uses strong directional lighting, contrasting textures, and bold angles in his work; which has been featured editorially in Sharp Magazine, Vulkan Magazine, ELLE Magazine, The Globe and Mail, plus advertisements for Holt Renfrew, Hudson’s Bay Beauty, Shopper’s Drug Mart, and Joe Fresh.

4. Annette Dennis

Designer and founder of experimental publisher Dossier Industries, Annette Dennis is an extremely talented creative. House of Mockups is privileged to have her as one of the founding collaborators. Her attention to detail and craft is truly inspiring. Bring your own designs to life with incredible 6 sheet outdoor mockup from Annette Dennis. 

5. Partner Studio

Partner Studio Good day

Jimmy Muldoon from partner studio is one of the first creatives to collaborate with House of Mockups with his series of Brooklyn Outdoor Advertising Mockups. We love the Good Day styling and can't wait for him to produce some Branding Mockups exclusively for us. Mockup your own design work with an exclusive Urban Poster Mockup from Partner Studio. 

6. Better Things Studio

Gif Mockup

Hazal Balasar is the Heart of BetterThings. She defines herself as a multidisciplinary designer, interior stylist & editor. The subtle use of colour and shadow is incredibly inspiring. House of Mockups is excited to develop animated mockups in the near future. 

7. Unspoken Agreement 

Saxon Campbell is part of the creatives from Unspoken Agreement who are leading the charge in the war against ugliness and visual noise. Their clean aesthetic creates striking designs that is both memorable and timeless. We are excited to have Saxon as a future collaborator to House of Mockups. 

8. Marx Design

Marx a New Zealand based design agency that does things differently, which you can see in this stunning mockup for StrangeLove Waters, which warps a grid background that literally bends a simple mockup into a new dimension. 

9. Kati Forner

Waterbody packaging

Kati Forner Design brings a minimalist elegance to comprehensive branding, including print collateral, packaging and interactive work. Her pristine art direction and styling is an inspiration to House of Mockups. 

10. Carl Bachmann

Carl Bachmann Packaging Mockup

Carl Bachmann is a Graphic designer based in Stockholm. We especially love the moody styling for the Röd Aperitif project. Ambient moody lighting combined with spilled drinks transport you to a dinner party with an excited guest wildly gesticulating a drunken story. 

Bring your own designs to life with incredible PSD Mockups from House of Mockups

10 Incredible Still Life Photographers & Stylists to Lift your Mockup Game