The Best Free Mockups of 2020

Presenting your design work can be just as important as the work itself. Present flat artwork to a client, and they are bound to send you back for countless revisions. Present the same design in a beautiful mockup, and the countless revisions becomes countless sign offs! 

A great mockup brings your design to life and is the fastest way to communicate how the end product is going to look. It can also bring in new clients too. By showing off your portfolio with stunning mockups. 

As the Global Managing Director of Shillington, I see my fair share of mockups in students portfolios, and it's no surprise that finding a good mockup, let alone a great free mockup is a great challenge. It's part of the reason that we created House of Mockups, To bring you the best free and premium mockups to make sure your work doesn't blend into the crowd. 

From urban poster mockups to billboards, t-shirts and mugs to digital devices, posters and books—this list will give you the best free mockups of 2020. 

1. Free Ice Cream Tub Mockup 

Free Ice Cream Tub Mockup

This House of Mockups own Free Ice Cream Tub Mockup has classic seamless background that can be changed to any colour! This is a real photograph, so no fake looking 3D renders that are so common in the ice cream tub mockup world. 

2. Free SQZ_packaging

Free Packaging Mockup

Super cool mockups and stickers for posters, magazine and mini zines. We love the changeable backgrounds and plastic textures! 

3. Free Box Grid Mockup

This isometric box mockup is super on trend for 2020. Mock up your packaging design onto this cardboard and plain textured mockup. 

Use this Box PSD to showcase your branding designs. This scene was created in Cinema 4D and rendered using Redshift Render. 

4. Free Book Mockup

Free Book Mockup

Loving this classic 3D render book mockup on a museum plinth from Anagram Design, who brings you free and premium mockups. 

5. Free Zip Back Packaging Mockup

Free Zip Bag Mockup

Download this free plastic pouch mockup. This Zip bag mockup is a classic 3D render with changeable backgrounds, and realistic light and shadows. 

6. Free Bottle Mockups

Free Bottle Mockups

Mr Mockups brings you this realistic Bottle Mockup which to showcase your next logo or label design in a photo realistic way. We are loving the 3D render design with coconut to add some summer pina colada hotness to your next mockup. 

7. Free Book and Magazine Mockup

Free Book and Magazine Mockup

2020 has been the year of plant and flower shadows! This Free Imperial Book and Magazine Mockup Kit is a high-resolution book & magazine mockup scene creator. It makes you have a full 360° angle control of the shadow complete with a minimalist, natural look and clean.

8. Free Plastic Cup Mockup

Free Plastic Cup Mockup

This free transparent plastic cup mockup is perfect for any of your beverage branding project. This free mockup allows you to showcase your designs on a transparent plastic cup, shopping bag, writing pad and book cover. 

9. Free Bakery Branding Mockup

Free bakery branding mockup

Get this free mockup scene from the Bakery Branding Mockup Kit. Paper wrap, stickers, and menus to bring your brand to life. 

10. Free Billboard Mockup

Annette Dennis Studio always brings the highest quality real photographic mockups to House of Mockups. No fake 3D mockups here. You will get quality realistic billboard mockups with a minimal slick appearance. 

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The Best Free Mockups of 2020