How to use PSD Mockups

PSD Mockups are used to transform your flat designs and artwork into photorealistic visualisations of the finished product. They can be used for concept work to sell into clients, or just to make your portfolio of work look amazing. 

In this following tutorial, we are going to take you through the steps of downloading a mockup, and getting your own design to come to life. 


Once you purchase your mockup, you will receive a link to download your PSD mockup file on the checkout page, as well as in a email. You can download this file from the link twice. 

We are going to do this demo using this stunning PSD Mockup from Annette Dennis. You can download the file to follow along here.

Once you click on the link, you will download a zip file that contains your PSD Mockup, License files and a JPG Preview file. 

Unzip it

Locate your zip file in your downloads folder. Double-click the zipped folder to open it. Then, drag or copy the item from the zipped folder to a new location.

Each mockup folder will contain a .jpg preview a layered .psd and a Product User Manual PDF. 

PSD Mockup Magic

Now is the exciting part where we take your own design, and bring it to life in your mockup. 

    1. Double click the file HOM-001-5673.psd and it should automatically open up in Photoshop
    2. Locate the layers panel. If you cannot see it, Hit the F7 Key
    3. Find the smart object layer called Your Design Here and double click on the image preview highlighted in red below. This will open the smart object layer as new tab in Photoshop. 

    4. Go to File > Place Embedded... A dialogue box will pop up, and prompt you to locate your design file on your computer. 

    5. You can scale to the right size by using Command T. It is important for the design to fill the whole art-board. 
    6. Once happy with placement, hit Command S to save, and Command W to close. Like magic your flat design will appear mockuped up in the PSD file! 

Legendary lighting

Now that your artwork is in the document, it's now time to finesse all the lighting layers.

Changing Blending Modes and Opacity can make your design look more realistic. You can find them on the top of the Layers Panel.

Photoshop Blending modes

Save and Share! 

You now have your incredible design mocked up and ready to share with the world!