The Biggest Mockup Trend Predictions for 2021

Buckle up, 2021 is set to be another exhilarating year in the world of Mockups! We take a dive into our Mockup trend predictions for 2021. 

Last year we saw Mockups become an essential part of a designers workflow, as lockdowns and WFH restricted in person art directed Photoshoots. Our lives are forever changed, and mockups are now a legitimate way of presenting and selling design projects and portfolios. So let's get to it—the mockup trends we predict will gain momentum in 2021. 

1. Still Life Photography Mockups

Moro. Still life photography mockups

Still-life painting first flourished in the Netherlands during the early 1600s, and we predict that the decadent products, earthy tones and dramatic shadows of are going to be all the rage in the mockup world this year. 

House of Mockups collaborator Partner Studio has art directed an incredible shoot for his client Morso, a company offering bespoke culinary experiences. 

2. Surreal Mockups

Sylvan Hillebrand PSD MocckupsSylvan Hillebrand Cassette Tape Mockup

There is no denying that recent times have been pretty surreal — so it comes as no surprise that we predict that 2021 is going to get real freaky when it comes to art direction and mockups. Think coloured lighting, smoke effects and other theatrical tricks. 

The Incredibly talented designer and House of Mockups collaborator Sylvan Hillebrand captures this effect perfectly in his self initiated project - The Found Tapes. We hope to see more surreal PSD mockups in 2021. 

3. Velvet Mockup Backgrounds 

Velvet Background Mockups


Velvet has been used as a symbol of power and wealth, worn by popes and aristocrats for centuries. We have been seeing velvet used as a background for Mockups, with its luxury and fashion connotations. The Foie Gras D'oie student project from Hungarian Designer Zsófia Láposi, combines the luxurious rusty velvet with divine shadows — clearly emphasising the delicacy within. 

4. Animated Mockups

Anthony Wood - Digital Subway Advertisement Mockup

Our world is now jam packed with movement, entire conversations are completed using GIFs, message effects, and video chats. Billboards are digital and Brands are moving, whether through kinetic type, animation, or mixed reality like AR and VR. Motion helps users to engage with brands, so it comes as no surprise that we predict seeing more motion in PSD Mockups. 

House of Mockups launched their first PSD Mockup made specifically for video. It is as easy as opening up the files in photoshop, double clicking the Video layer, and placing in your own custom video. The file automatically updates the length of the timeline, ready for you to export and share. 

5. Psychedelic 3D Mockups 

3D Mockups3D Mockup Render

My Name is Wendy Studio — 3D Mockups

3D Mockups have been gaining momentum for a few years now, and for the most part, they kind suck. Not so for the extraordinary My Name is Wendy Studio who have created incredible, high octane renders for 3D products. We can't wait to see more stuff like these. 

6. Black Flat Mockups 

Black Background Flat Mockups

ACMES — Shippers

House of Mockups predicts that the black background, flat lay mockup trend of 2020 is going to continue into 2021. We are loving the slick streetwear feel that ACMES has created for Shippers. 

7. Grids & Pattern Background Mockups

Grid Background Mockups

Makebardo — Freed 

2021 needs structure. We need grids in our lives and our mockups to give us guidance after all this uncertainty.  Especially loving the tile grid background from New Zealand studio Makebardo created for Freed, a new unsweetened and sparkling tea soda made with organic flavours.

8. Reflective Mockups

Mockups with Mirrors and reflections

Alexander Cherkasov - Mamoloco

Mockups are getting really reflective, and I don't mean all deep and meaningful. We are seeing lots of mirrors and reflections that really show us the other side of a product or design.


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The Biggest Mockup Trend Predictions for 2021