Nordic Wood Grain Branding Mockup Bundle

by Sylvan Hillebrand


Elevate your refined designs with our 'Nordic Wood Grain Branding Mockup Bundle'—a collection of 6 high-resolution Photoshop mockups meticulously crafted to elevate your branding and stationery designs with the timeless beauty of Scandinavian wood grain.

Created by designer Sylvan Hillebrand, this PSD Mockup bundle offers a premium and sophisticated detail that will make your designs exude elegance and designer appeal.

The Nordic Wood Grain Branding Mockup Bundle features:

- Business Card Front and Back Mockup (85x55mm)
- Letterhead / Poster Mockup (A4/A3)
- Letterhead / Poster Detail Mockup
- 2 x Square Card Mockup (1:1 ratio)
- Ticket Mockup (3:1 ratio)

Tailored for graphic designers and discerning creatives, these mockups are thoughtfully designed to transform your designs into captivating branding visuals with a touch of Scandinavian finesse. With full customization capabilities in Adobe Photoshop, you have the freedom to bring your brand's vision to life. The bundle supports various paper dimensions, providing versatility to suit your specific project requirements.

Immerse your designs in the refined elegance of Scandinavian wood grain, where the natural textures and understated color palettes create a harmonious and sophisticated aesthetic. The use of Nordic wood grain enhances your branding by exuding a sense of craftsmanship, minimalism, and a connection to nature. With the user-friendly smart objects in Adobe Photoshop, seamlessly integrate your designs, while the high resolution ensures impeccable detail and precision.

Elevate your portfolio and captivate your audience with the 'Nordic Wood Grain Branding Mockup Bundle.' Let your designs radiate with a premium and designer appeal that will leave a lasting impression. It's time to embrace the sophistication of Scandinavian design and make your brand shine like never before.

Product Specifications:
- Dimensions: 5000 x 3500px
- File Type: Layered PSD, JPG
- File Size: 767 MB

Unleash the timeless beauty of the 'Nordic Wood Grain Branding Mockup Bundle' and witness your designs come alive with a touch of Scandinavian refinement. Explore the possibilities and elevate your branding to new heights with House of Mockups' exceptional collection of mockups designed to showcase the premium and designer aesthetic of your brand.

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