Design Institution - a Geometric Sans Font

by Want Studio


Contemporary Elegance Meets Blackletter Mystique

Meet Design Institution, the latest font from Want Studio. It's the Y-3 of typefaces—masterfully fusing a techno-sports aesthetic with classic style, much like Yohji Yamamoto's iconic designs.

Built for the modern creative, Design Institution boasts smooth transitions, soft yet angular contours, and unique ligatures. This dynamic, bold, and distinctly innovative font is perfectly suited for designers who dare to make a standout impression in the ever-evolving world of design.

Design Institution is more than a geometric sans serif; it’s a statement of artistic intent, offering clean lines combined with unique ligatures that elevate design projects from ordinary to extraordinary.

Key Features:

  • Single Weight Design: Perfectly balanced for sleek, uniform typesetting that works seamlessly across all media.
  • Precision Meets Innovation: This font integrates geometric accuracy with creative character modifications for a fresh look.
  • Distinctive Ligatures: Innovative joins that transform standard typography into captivating design statements.
  • Alternate Characters - Your Creative Allies: Broaden your design horizons with a suite of options that allows for full expression in your branding and artistic projects.

The Design Institution Font is ideal for designers who strive to make each project not just seen but impactful.

Demand a touch of sophistication alongside cutting-edge visual impact with Design Institution Font

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