Letterform Luxe 1: Baroness Beatrice Meets Neo-Gothic Chic

Hey trendsetters, welcome to this month’s "Letterform Luxe" where we're dialing back the clock with a modern twist! We’re all about those Neo-Gothic and Blackletter vibes this time—styles that are making a massive comeback and are ready to amp up your design game.

Baroness Beatrice

Baroness Beatrice Blackletter Font "House of Mockups"

Baroness Beatrice by Want Studio is truly a masterpiece that was recently celebrated for its "gothic glamour" in a feature on The Brand Identity. This typeface is a modern nod to the boldness of medieval aesthetics, seamlessly combining the mystique of blackletter with contemporary elegance. Inspired by tales of female strength, its sharp, tailored characters make it perfect for headline use, bringing a touch of aristocratic elegance and assertive charm to any project.

Available for purchase on House of Mockups, Baroness Beatrice includes a full set of uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, common accents, and symbols, making it as versatile as it is visually striking.

Baroness Beatrice Neo Gothic Font

Ready to bring historical elegance and modern sophistication to your design projects? Explore and purchase Baroness Beatrice here.

Baroness Beatrice a new Blackletter font


Ed Fairville

Ed Fairville Blackletter Font

Meet Ed Fairville and its creator, Eko Setiawan, a dynamic force in the design world from Kudus, Indonesia. Eko blends his love for typography and illustration into every font he designs, including Fairville—a textura-style blackletter that mixes classic Old English elegance with a modern twist. With features like stylistic sets and comprehensive ligatures, this font is a game-changer for everything from branding to editorial design. When he's not pushing pixels, Eko fuels his creativity with travels, constantly exploring and incorporating new influences into his work. Ready to bring a touch of Eko's world into your projects? Dive into the rich character set of Fairville.


Gronau Font House of Mockups

Inspired by vintage vibes and digital craftsmanship, Gronau brings a sporty edge to traditional blackletter. Whether you’re crafting a killer headline or packaging some cool new products, Gronau’s got the dynamic punch your project needs.

Rigel Typeface

Riguel Typeface

Channel cosmic energy with Rigel, a font that pulls its character from a 1936 poster but looks utterly timeless. It’s bold, it’s brash, and it’s all caps. Perfect for posters, logos, and anywhere you need to make a statement.

ED Smither

Eko Setiawan does it again with ED Smither, a sleek, modern, and downright magnetic, ED Smither transforms the classic textura vibe into something super contemporary. If your project needs a touch of sophistication with a modern twist, this is your go-to. 

Ed Smither Font

Why These Fonts? 

Each font in our selection packs its own personality punch, ready to infuse your designs with both classic depth and innovative flair. They’re perfect for designers who want their projects to make a statement and leave a lasting impression.

House of Mockups is growing our unique font collection. Contact us for collaboration opportunities. 

House Of Mockups - Neo Gothic Font - Baroness Beatrice